Do you understand what your body tells you?

Unexplained pain

Have you ever suffered a trauma or a negative emotional experience and after a while your life has returned to normal, almost forgetting what happened.

After a period of time you have started to feel unpleasant pain, which, over time, has been getting worse. You do not remember hurting yourself or hitting that part of your body. But, the pain is there.

The pain you are feeling may be related to something that happened months, years, or decades earlier.

What happens when we experience something negative?

When we experience an event with a strong and negative emotional charge, we block all the muscles of our body. Simply by blocking certain parts of the body, we subconsciously imprint that specific emotion in our body. Usually, the part of our body where we feel pain.

Sometimes, it is possible that when visiting a physio or an osteopath we remember that unpleasant moment without any previous intention. That means that the memory of the trauma has been recorded in the body and manifests itself through pain. In other words, our body is asking us to attend to it. That we do not ignore it.

Work with the body, mind and emotions

When we work with the body, in hypnotherapy and regressive therapy, we connect with the memory at the moment it originated and release that trauma right there.

Hypnosis can reach our mind and our deepest memory and help us to simply let go of that trauma that we have experienced and that is still trapped in our body.

If you recognize yourself reading these lines, I would like to tell you that there is hope and that you can live free from the pain and trauma of the past.