Sanela Covic experta en Hipnoterapia, crecimiento personal, terapia regresiva
Hypnosis is a highly focused state of mind that helps bring about changes in a very deep and effective way. With hypnotherapy great results are achieved in a relatively short time.
Helps with sleep problems, stress, emotional and physical discomfort, stress from changing jobs, school, home, end of life, grief, fears, phobias, blockages, addictions, obesity, learning problems, professional and personal communication , couple relationship, family, among many others.

Hypnotherapy will help you:

  • Relax
  • Manage stress daily
  • Improve attention
  • Change habits
  • Master new habits that benefit you
  • Change behavior
  • Achieve objectives
  • Achieve a fulfilling life and much more

Hypnosis does not:

  • Control your mind
  • Make you do strange things
  • Leave you in a “weird” state

At all times, you will be aware and remember everything that happens in the hypnotic trance.