Reconnection with the Soul

urban retreat to reconnect with who you really are

Facilitated by Sanela Čović, certified hypnotherapist in Spiritual Regression in Life Between Lives (LBL®) through the Michael Newton Institute.

Join me on this practical and experiential urban retreat in which we will travel through time, to visit important events in other lives, and connect with the soul, with the purpose of your life.

What is the soul and who am I as the soul?

What is my purpose?

Why did I choose this life and this body?

Can I remember the time before this life?

Where do we go when we die?

What is life between lives?

Who was Michael Newton?

These are some of life’s big questions that Dr. Michael Newton dedicated his life to finding answers to. In searching for it, he discovered some surprising insights into what happens to us in the afterlife, the Life Between Lives (LBL®). You will be able to get answers to these questions and many more during the Reconnection with the Soul retreat.

Dr. Michael Newton was the internationally acclaimed spiritual regression pioneer, author of the best-selling books “The Journey of Souls,” “The Destiny of Souls,” and “Life Between Lives.” Using the LBL® (Life Between Lives) technique that he pioneered, he discovered that hidden memories from the afterlife can be recalled because spiritual information and wisdom exists deep within each person’s mind. Through more than 30 years of research through the eyes of 7,000 clients, he was able to map out for us a working model of the spiritual world.

In this practical and experiential journey through time and other lives you will gain clarity about your own life, the lessons you are learning, the relationships and connections between the events of this life and other lives.

The wisdom of Life Between Lives has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Not only have Michael Newton’s books on LBL® sold over a million copies, but Dr. Michael Newton and the Michael Newton Institute have recorded over 70,000 LBL® sessions, with striking similarities. The truth of the messages that come through these sessions is universal. Therefore, the lessons can be applied to many people and their life situations, regardless of their religious affiliations. Millions of people have been moved by the work of LBL® by reading and learning about the case studies of others, as presented in the books.

This experience will give you

a renewed sense of purpose and peace, which will help you give meaning to your life

a more complete perception of who you really are

an idea of what you are learning now, so you can make sense of your current life experiences

a sense of eternity of your consciousness and the end of the fear of physical death

a new understanding of your soul’s collaboration with other souls and your personal guides and teachers healing and expanded consciousness, and much more