Quantum Consciousness

A profound journey to remember and experience our true magnificence.

We exist in all dimensions at the same time. We can visit these places to find healing and wisdom that serves the magnificence that we are.

The reconnection with your magnificence

On this journey you will gently expand your consciousness into other realms in time and space beginning the experience in Present Consciousness. The next stop will be Stored Consciousness, which explores the energy of all experiences within this lifetime. The energy of all of our experiences within this lifetime that we know may contain remarkable wisdom or a need for healing. Having visited and explored Stored Consciousness, we move on to Alternative Consciousness where those other parts of ourselves that made different life choices share what they have learned. At this stop those other selves who made different life decisions can join us to share what they have learned, or to learn from us. These paths were created at those turning points in our lives, where we activated a split in our timeline, moving in both directions as our soul desired to learn from both paths. Our next realm is the Parallel Consciousness experience, where we explore our soul energy outside of the constraints of time and space. We have lived in many ages and in different bodies during our incarnations and can claim this hidden wisdom, or offer to share or exchange healing with those who come forward. Then, expanding further into Interdimensional Consciousness, we can see, feel or re-experience what it is like to be another energetic form in this dimension or others. Ultimately, our consciousness does not need this body or any body to be in existence. Much can be learned when we surrender the influences of this human form that create limitations to our deeper understanding. We expand further now through our personal universe into our Eternal Consciousness, embracing this purest form of ourselves. This remarkable expanded state of being is experienced as something deep and eternal, and then instead of being part of the universe, we are the universe, and there are no limitations, no borders, we just are. Having embarked on this magnificent journey, we return to Present Consciousness to integrate, grow and evolve from what has been discovered. Sometimes a longer period of time has passed here in human form while we were out of time and space and deep reflection will follow as the assimilation of our discoveries takes place. These journeys into Quantum Consciousness are for the true explorers. It is a magnificent experience that will change your life profoundly.

After your session, you will receive the recording of the same by email.

The approximate time is 2 hours.

Ideally, on the day of your session, it is advisable to free up the rest of your day to be able to have a space for reflection without having to return to daily responsibilities.