Purpose Retreat

In the Purpose Retreat you will begin the journey towards the discovery of your purpose, laying the firm foundations for your self-discovery, self-knowledge and self-realization. Discovering and knowing the purpose of life is something that we sometimes put aside because we don’t have time to stop and discover what we have come to do in this life. Discovering your purpose will open a new chapter in your life and you will live your life with meaning.


All retreats include 4 mentoring sessions where we will monitor the process started. Mentoring is a personalized accompaniment in your process and will help you meet your goals in the time you have set for yourself.

Singular places for a transformative experience

We believe that the work you are going to do deserves to be in a special place. The places we have chosen have one thing in common and that is that they are in magnificent places where beauty, calm and profound transformation come together. We work with partners around the world creating synergies and unique experiences for our clients. With you we will design the best experience so that you can take everything you need from our work together. The programs are offered both for individuals and for work teams and families.
Contact me to arrange a free first meeting where we will design your own Purpose Retreat!

Available on mobile/ WhatsApp/ Telegram at: +34 614 366 267