Life Between Lives Regression (LBL®)

We are eternal souls having a human experience. It is a deep honor for me to facilitate these journeys of soul reconnection. Life Between Lives (LBL®) is a journey of the soul. In a very deep trance you will connect with your super-consciousness, with the memories of your soul. You are going to live a unique and incomparable experience where you will connect with your essence. It will help you discover life purpose and life lessons, understand about relationships, get answers to important questions for you, connect with your spirit guides, the wise beings, the source of everything.

What are the benefits of the Life Between Lives (LBL®) session?

  • It is a profoundly transformative experience.
  • It will help you face and understand life’s challenges and lessons.
  • It is an experience of your own immortal soul, bringing insights from a higher perspective to help you live a fuller life, in alignment with your purpose.
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What can I expect in a Life Between Lives (LBL®) session?

  • In this experience there is often a meeting with the group of souls, spiritual guides and council of the wise.
  • During the meeting with the council of the wise the past life and the current life are reviewed with unconditional love and understanding to better understand the lessons of the soul, the purpose of life and karmic healing.
  • During the meeting with the group of souls you will be able to understand what role they play in your current life.
  • The Journey to Life Between Lives (LBL®) is a life-changing experience that helps to remember the true essence.
  • Most people experience profound transformations in their lives.
  • The depth of trance is greater than in past life regression therapy.
  • It is a safe and comfortable process where you can connect with your super-consciousness and access the memories of your soul. The session lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Do I need to prepare for a Life Between Lives (LBL®) session?

In order to experience a Life Between Lives (LBL®) session it is necessary to have had a successful past life regression session. This is part of the preparation process to guarantee an optimal result during the experience. For the session, you will need to prepare and bring a list of questions for the council of wise men to answer. You will also need to make a list of those people who are or have been important in your life, your “cast of characters”. Those lists will be discussed in detail when we do the preparatory session before moving on to the Lives Between Lives session. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist in Spiritual Regression in Life Between Lives (LBL®) through the Michael Newton Institute. The Michael Newton Institute has the highest level of training for authentic LBL® spiritual regressions, and members abide by a strict code of ethics and standards of practice. Only certified hypnotherapists who are experienced and certified in past life regression therapy can take Life Between Lives (LBL®) training with the Michael Newton Institute,