Have you ever asked yourself what your life purpose was and what were you supposed to do here, in this life? 

At some point in our lives, an important event takes place which makes us stop, take a breath and realize that life is very short.   I would call this moment the turning point as from this moment on we start asking the big question: What is the purpose of my life?  We start searching, exploring, asking, travelling, journaling, and all this in order to find what we came here to do.   At a rather early age of my life, I experienced the horrors of a war and faced loss, sadness and confusion. And, in the middle of that chaos, I realized how fragile one’s life was.   For me, that was my turning point, as I started asking the big questions; What is the purpose of my life? What have I come here to do? Who am I really?  I was lucky to have had access to some beautiful books which in their own way opened the gates to further exploration.   I started meditating, at first it was not easy, but I managed to keep my attention on my breath, slowly gaining awareness of my whole body, observing.  I understood then that we all are the creators of our lives and we can make free choices. 

What if our life´s purpose was very simple? 

We usually have this feeling that we need to do something big, achieve greatness, save many people.   But, what if, just by being you, a beautiful, loving, caring you, you already achieve greatness by helping so many people only by being the way you are.  
Tematica hipnoterapia 3
Just being yourself creates a ripple effect. Imagine those circles that are created on the surface of the lake when it starts raining. One drop, only one drop, was necessary to spread that circle across the whole surface. One word, one smile, one kind look, is enough to touch people we are not even aware of.   By living our lives with kindness, and appreciating all living beings, we create that ripple effect of a positive and loving energy that spreads across the globe.   You might remember a time when you were feeling bad and someone who passed by you on the street smiled at you. Your bad feeling started to dissipate and you were able to smile back at them. You felt gratitude, love, kindness. That was the ripple effect.  So, coming back to our question: what is the purpose of my life, it brings me to our origins.   Before being born, we choose our body, personality, family, country and the purpose of this life.   We usually come to learn, grow, help or be helped.   Even if our purpose might seem small to us, I can assure you that it is grand as its ripple effect spreads throughout time and space.  You are the creator of your life. Only you know, deep inside, where you are supposed to go and what you need to do.   Connect with your inner knowing, your essence, and live your life to the fullest.  With love, Sanela