Past Life Regression

Past experiences can affect our current life emotionally, mentally, or physically. Our mind automatically filters certain experiences from memory, so there is a lot of information that we never store in the conscious but in the unconscious. There are the repressed experiences, which our conscious mind keeps out of our awareness in some way. These are the memories that are worth analyzing and understanding in order to let them go and achieve a life free of those influences. Likewise, we unconsciously transfer the experiences, attitudes, and relationship dynamics of our previous lives to our current life. By accessing these memories, we can release energy and emotional, mental, or physical blockages that keep us stuck. The hypnotherapist guides the client through the major life events in question, then to the experience of death, and then to a review of that life. It is at this moment that the client can realize the purpose of that life, the decisions that he has made and / or the agreements that he has made with another person or with himself. All this will make the person feel complete and face everything that life throws at them in a more serene way.
In order to easily access past life memories, the client needs to feel safe and trust the therapist and the entire process. There may be something that happened in the past that blocks the client’s access to a deeper trance and past life memories. Sometimes it is necessary to do a preparation session before the past life regression session to reach the trance level and prepare the client for past life exploration. You can schedule the preparation session by following the link below.